The Darkest Valley . . .

Sometimes our deepest, lowest valleys
Our darkest, coldest seasons
Seem as if they will last a lifetime.

This is a letter from the Lord Jesus to my heart.

I received these words as I lay on the beach yesterday.

I hope you find comfort in these words, as I did.

Take hold of Truth my precious, lovely, lonely, frightened child. There is a tomorrow, and even though you feel sad, lonely, and abandoned, know that the sun will still rise in the east winds of your soul to awaken you to a brighter tomorrow–for your sunshine is there–rising on the other side of the ocean. Although it may take years to see the beauty and marvelous light of My Love for you, you will see it again, until it restores health to your body, and joy to the depths of your spirit and soul–to bring that scintillating, brilliant smile of yours back to be beautifully plastered on your beautiful face, and indelibly engraved on your sweetest soul. So, rest in Me, and know that the light always, always, always appears out of the depths of the darkest of darkness.

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