Listen Up . . .

“Back  Up”

“Back Up”

“Back Up” . . . came the urgent-sounding robotic voice at the car wash this morning.

It had been years! ~ perhaps even a decade or two since I had gone through a car wash, because I prefer to wash my car by hand.

The voice bellowed at me—nonstop.

How was I supposed to know that I had pulled up too far?  After all, I knew with all certainty that I had indeed stopped perfectly right where the huge, blinking red X had asked me to stop.  Now, I had to contend with a blinking green arrow pointing due south.

Hmm, I wondered . . . could I really have pulled up too far?  Well, let’s see here—let’s back the car up a bit to see if I can align this car in such a precise manner so that I can get on with this here car wash.

“Back Up, Back Up, Back Up” the robotic voice continued.  Surely, I can’t be thaaaaaat off! ~ and suddenly, it was right then and there it dawned on me . . .

How often do we go through life, like this car wash, unknowingly ignoring the gently provoking soft voice of the Holy Spirit, calling on us—to lead us out of, and keep us away from impending danger?

I have so many times ignored the prompting of the Holy Spirit, only to find myself in HUGE trouble at the end of the day.  Why hadn’t I just listened to that still, small SCREAMING LOUD voice that made all the sense (at the time) in the world, but yet instead chose to follow “self”—choosing instead to override it for fulfilling what I thought to be an okay decision?  An okay decision, I would later pay for.  I can’t tell you enough, that every time I decided to operate in and of my own flesh—consciously ignoring the prompting of the Holy Spirit—I failed, fell, and finked out.

Consequences.  We pay, and we pay dearly for our poor, selfish, sinful choices—sometimes we pay over time, with interest!  The Good News is that we have a loving God who is there for us as is a safety net for a trapeze artist.  We slip, we don’t catch the trapeze with the greatest of ease, we fall—and sometimes, we fall hard.  Jesus is there to keep us from harming ourselves beyond repair, no matter how bad we mess up.  His loving arms are open wide with which to embrace us while we lay our head upon His breast, as He comforts us, letting us know that all will be okay, regardless of our unwillingness to Listen Up . . .

What a wake up call . . .

Listen Up!

~ 1 Peter 1:2 ~

Elect according to the foreknowledge of God the Father,

through sanctification of the Spirit,

unto obedience and sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ:

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied.

~g r a c i e~


One thought on “Listen Up . . .

  1. “…The Good News is that we have a loving God who is there for us as is a safety net for a trapeze artist…”

    Great analogy. Therefore, I shall fly through the air with the greatest of ease today.

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