Sandy Hook Elementary . . . ~Rest In Peace~


Cute, adorable cooing babies, in their pink and blue hospital-issued clothing, sleeping and resting peacefully in their hospital bassinets—their family name proudly displayed.

Their parents’ hearts filled with awe, delight, and wonder as they observed their infant through the viewing window—as their child lay serenely.

Fast forward to a life full of memories . . . their young infant sitting in a high chair as they were lovingly spoon fed, diapers changed, their first laugh, their cute gums shining through their little smiles.

They learned to crawl, flipping onto their backs until they were able to gain just enough balance to take their first step, and eventually a most cute toddler’s walk.

These children entered this world as someone’s brother, sister, niece, nephew, cousin, friend,  neighbor.

Their parents were ever so proud of their precious child—a true blessing, and gift from God.



Sadly, they are now gone.

They were sent off to school in their normal, daily routine with no one ever expecting them to not return to their homes, their beds, or the comfort and safety of their parents’ loving arms.

Their loss of life rings nothing short of the sorrow that pours through caring and empathetic hearts across the world.

May we remember to pray for the survivors—forever afflicted, never to be the same. Those who remain alive are likely to suffer the rest of their lives, with psychological damage being the worst of their pain.

May we also continue to pray for the families and friends of those who lost their lives to this most cruel event, which will forever remain indelibly etched in their hearts and minds.

May we never forget the children and adults who departed this wicked world, and instantaneously entered into the Glory of His Majestic Presence and Heavenly Kingdom, on Friday, December 14, 2012.

~ ♥ ~

~God’s Gracie Girl~ ✿


Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it. ~ Ecclesiates 12:7


19 thoughts on “Sandy Hook Elementary . . . ~Rest In Peace~

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    • Yes, sad, sad, sad. Tears well up in my eyes when I think of the horror they faced in their last minutes of life ~ as well as thinking on those little ones left behind with the horrific memories, forever carved into their souls.

      • I wonder how the children who survived the tragedy in Winnetka, Illinois back in 1988, at the hands of one Ms. Laurie Dann, are doing today.

  2. Rest in peace all of sandy brooke children and adults. May god bless and may the love ones find rest and peace in god, family, friends and loved ones. I hold you tight and send HUGS AND LOVE

  3. RIP little ones and adults you will be missed but will be in the lords arms til your parents come 🙂 you will all be together someday .

  4. This is a short song that one of the girls I work with, Cheyenne Prescott, wrote and sang after hearing the news on Friday. Prayers go out to all that were affected<3

  5. My heart goes out to all the parents and loved ones of all the innocent little angels and their caregivers who’s lives were so tragically cut short this past week, I just wanted to share a poem that I wrote on Friday for my daughter, it breaks my heart that these beautiful babies will never get the chance to be butterflies here on earth but they will fly eternally in heaven…..So for all the little cocoons that never got the chance to be butterflies this poem is for you
    Goodnight and God bless sweet angels xx

    By Sara Boo

    I spoke today to father time as I so often do
    I asked him why he moves so fast and why old things become new
    I told him how it broke my heart to see you walk away
    And I asked him why he moves so fast and why time can’t just stay
    He told me that the time had come for me to set you free
    He said that butterflies can’t stay cocooned and flowers not stay seeds
    He said that you have your own wings now and I should set you free
    I cried and begged and pleaded for him to rewind the time
    I said I wasn’t ready yet and that you still were mine
    He put his wise old hand in mine and whispered in my ear
    He/she is a beautiful butterfly now so dry your falling tears
    You nurtured her and taught her, you showed her right from wrong
    but now she has to move on and sing her own sweet song
    He told me you arn’t going far that butterflies stay near
    And he told me you would always love me and my words you would still hear
    And so my beautiful butterfly today I must let you go
    But please know this my beautiful child….Your mummy loves you ever so ©

    • Sara ~ that was a touching poem, and it brought me goose bumps as I read it aloud. People are asking where the Lord was when all this happened, and the only thing that comes to my spirit is that He was there, in Heaven, awaiting their arrival. They are precious in His sight, and although their lives were cut short, they will forever live on in His Kingdom, at His side forevermore. ~Gracie~

      • I am glad you liked it, I debated posting it for quite some time as I had wrote it for my daughter who just left home, it just seemed relevant somehow… I can’t even begin to imagine the pain and sorrow all the parents and loved ones are feeling right now but I have to believe that they have moved on to a better place, surrounded by the love of our beloved father God, safe from harm for eternity….
        Sara xx

  6. Beautifully expressed……….so sad, so tragic……..even though the incident is now in the past, the pain is still present so we need to remember to keep those left behind in prayer.

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