The Tree of Life . . .

Let the leaves of your tree fall

On to the land with ease

It’s with these leaves we’ve built our walls

it’s with these leaves we’ll grow

They’re leaves of sadness, sorrow and grief,

that serve us e’r no more

They’re meant for you to shed, to show

how far you’ve come and need to go

They’re simply for your life to see

reflect where you are meant to be

A place where sun shines all day long

your roots to firmly grow more strong

Your leaves will shed and fall away, blown by the winds of change

to bring you growth in color green

to shine for your new soul

The leaves are meant to blow away

to bring you forth

and leave behind

the life that brought you pain and strife

to no more beg to shine

For your new leaves, are happy leaves

to stay with you anew

in your new life of pleasantries

of which you thought you knew

Let the leaves of your tree fall

and let your love for your life grow


~God’s Gracie Girl~ ✿

♥ •.¸.•´♥ ¯`♥(❀◠‿◠)♥.¸¸.•´¯`•.♥