for granted . . .

We all take so many things for granted ~

The air we breathe which fills our lungs and sustains our life.

The cage of ribs that embraces our heart so tenderly to beat ever so silently.

The hot water with which we shower.

The washer and dryer that give us clean clothes.

The blow dryer that gets our hair all looking good!

The farmer who works so diligently to care for his crop.

The grocery store down the street which stocks their shelves to give us sustenance.

The refrigerator that keeps our food nice and cold–or frozen until we need it.

The stove which cooks our meals just right, and makes all food yummy for our tummy.

The running water with which we wash our dishes.

The comfortable bed, pillows, sheets, and comforter that hug and snuggle us.

The shoes we wear that let us walk with pride in our stride.

The computer we can not get enough of.

The phone we carry with us and check every five seconds.

The jobs we have that provide the ca$h to pay our bills, feed our families, and fill our gas tanks.

The home that shelters us from the harsh elements.

The fancy–or not so fancy–car that gets us to-and-fro.

The heaters that warm our cozy homes in the harshest of winter.

The cat or dog whom we ignore as we selflessly roam about our homes, but had to have.

The elderly neighbor who lives alone and has no ride to doctors appointments ~ but are full of life’s wisdom . . . from whom you could learn valuable golden life nuggets.

The mother or father who aches and longs for our call or visit, or a quick e-mail, card, or letter just to let them know they are loved. ♥

The brothers and sisters we never call because we are too busy . . . until it might be too late one day.

The son or daughter who need the love, nurture, affection, and attention which only a parent can give ~ but all they get are screamed at, punished, stifled, set aside, and are so easily ignored.

The husband, the wife who would love that silent glance, a gentle touch, a warm embrace, a passionate kiss. Their body craves what you once cherished as special, and now dismiss.  ~ Longing for nothing more than those intimate one-on-one, face-to-face fully-invested conversations that seem like minutes, but last for hours.  Missing those quiet tender moments ~ deeply desiring to rekindle that which once attracted you like moth to a flame. ♥

The beauty of our nature ~ blue skies, puffy clouds, gorgeous sunsets, greeeeeeen trees, grass, birds, ocean views.

The gentle breeze that strokes our face softly reminding us that life will be okay.

The seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years that await our full potential as we idly squander time.

The freedom we have to worship as we please in our great country ~ many around the world do not have that privilege.

The ease with which we flip through television stations to find something to emptily entertain us for hours on end ~ then questioning why we don’t have any time for _________ (fill in the blank).

The Word of God which sits on our shelves collecting dust, waiting for us to flip its pages and digest its nutrients in order than we may daily revive our souls.

The Lord who sits on His Throne waiting for us to hang out and pal around with Him.

~ crying in sadness and regret as we mourn their loss . . .



Feel My Love for you, Precious One . . .

Do you feel as though My Love for you has been stolen by the enemy,

through the power of his LIES . . . 

R E S T  in this one thing:

My LOVE for you stretches beyond the heavens

It is the patchwork of the skies

I lay My Love out for you in the clouds each day

It is in the greenness of the trees placed on this earth which bring forth fruit

The birds ~ so beautiful . . . there as a reminder of your freedom in ME

To SOAR to new heights (the highest of heights)

Melt in My Love for YOU! ~ My dearest, Most Precious Child

You mean the WORLD to me . . . I created it for your enjoyment

The enemy comes but for to steal, kill, and destroy



Forget the shame that has been so huge and intricate a part of his plan to destroy you

I will NOT allow it any longer!

Take My Hand and hold it tightly ~ Know that I WILL NEVER, EVER, EVER LET YOU GO

My Grip on You is a FOREVER THING

My Love for You is a FOREVER THING


Worthy of My Love . . .

Worthy of My Calling . . .

Worthy of JOY!

Worthy to Live a Life worth living

With NO SHAME . . . no longer!

Hold up that precious, beautiful chin of yours ~ lift it towards the blue skies

Smile ~ in My Love for You

Accept it

Receive it

Know it

Feel it

Revel in it


I have purchased you with a pearl of great price









. . . IN ME



Adjective:  Deserving effort, attention, or respect.


worthy [ˈwɜːðɪ]

adj -thier-thiest

1. (postpositive; often foll by of or an infinitive) having sufficient merit or value (for something or someone specified); deserving

2. having worth, value, or merit

n  a person of distinguished character, merit, or importance 

 Y   O   U


W O R T H Y !




Rest In His Peace . . .

My heart so tender, so touched with the Lord’s LOVE!

Watching Whitney Houston’s funeral today . . . MOVED TO TEARS!


Who of you are moved by the tragic sudden death of superstar, Whitney Houston? I am moved beyond and beyond beyond. It really brought me to a point of wanting to take a closer look at life, not only mine, but life in general.  I was born the same year as Whitney, and it shocks me to think that she is gone at such an early age.  It is most highly indicative of our lives being nothing but a vapour.

Where is your life today? Are you right with God? I know that although I have believed myself to be right with the Lord, most of my life has not been.  I have the utmost respect for my King; however, there are difficulties in life, setbacks, and all sorts of misunderstood circumstances which lead us to behave in ungodly ways—ways so ungodly that others look on in judgment and quick condemnation with their view on how certain they are of our not being a Christian.  Of course, we all know that the Lord is the one who tries the heart, and none of us know if another is indeed truly saved, or unsaved.  Let’s leave the judging to our High Judge.  We will all face him someday.  Let’s hope it’s not sooner than later; and, that we are ready to meet out maker.

While we may think that we can escape His mighty hand of Judgment, we can not, and will not.  Our lives will play out like an x-rated movie before us, before Him.  We are but filthy rags, the Bible tells us.  We are sinners, and we are all in serious need of a Saviour.  The Bible tells us in Ecclesiastes 12:7 that our body returns as dust unto the earth, and our spirit unto the One who gave it.  Are you ready to meet Him? Are you living a life worthy of His calling?  I know there are a few of you who might not see the inner beauty within me, or within others–the inner beauty that only our loving Lord sees–but know that it’s not for any one of you to look down your noses at another’s life . . . the golden rule tells us “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” . . . would you feel comfortable with others judging every move you make? Judging everything you do? Know that we are all sinners, and the Word tells us that there is NONE RIGHTEOUS, NO . . . NOT ONE.  That’s me, you, all of us.

Oh, beautiful child of God . . . Let the Lord guide you into His loving arms to surround you in His gracious gift of mercy, and forgiveness.  He loves us all so much, and He alone is the one whose arms we are to fall into when the world seems it is against you.  Let us live our lives worthy of His calling, and full of purpose, so that one day we may all stand before our Lord and hear these words we should all aim and long to hear, “Well done, my good and faithful servant”.  We do not want to hear, “Depart from me ye worker of iniquity, for I never knew you”.  Let us sprinkle our lives with His precious blood, and move forward into His high calling and true sense of purpose for our lives.  We are to touch others, and move their spirits to soar as they experience the knowledge and presence of the Lord.  It is such a beautiful thing, to be in His presence.  He waits, he knocks . . . if there is no one running to answer the door, he graciously turns to leave.  He still loves you, but waits on you, for it is your decision, and yours alone.




‎\O/ . ~A M E N~ . \O/

~G R A C I E~