The Hand of God . . .

On my drive in to work yesterday, I witnessed someone tragically lose their life. Today, as I drove OVER the spot on the street where he lay to take his last breath, I felt a sadness come over me. Who was he? What was he like? I can only begin to imagine the sadness his family was feeling for his loss of life.

As I continued on my daily morning drive, I felt the overwhelming presence of my MIGHTY, MARVELOUS, WONDERFUL, POWERFUL, LOVING LORD AND SAVIOUR reach HIS HAND down from the heavenly blue skies, which He knows I love so much, expressing His wanting me to take His Hand in mine.

I reached up, my tiny hand in His, and all was beautiful.

It was only after I opened up facebook this morning that I found this picture on my news feed . . .

Take heed . . . He LONGS for your hand ~ LONGS for YOU . . . to seek Him, to Love Him, to ACCEPT Him as Your Saviour!


Take good heed therefore unto yourselves,

that ye LOVE the LORD your God.

~Joshua 23:11~


~ Grace-Gracie-Grace ~

Jesus - do you really know Him?