Moved by His Spirit ~ Precious Memories . . . How They Linger!

This morning, I was able to watch a recorded program of the Gaither’s “Precious Memories”.  You see, I had set the the DVR to record the one-hour program last night, and like a giddy girl I couldn’t wait for my Darrell to sit and watch it with me!

While I sat with my loved one, arms entwined, we enjoyed one full hour of nothing but Southern Gospel.  Oh, how I wish our modern day radio stations would embrace these old hymns versus the newer Christian “pop” music that they stream into our cars and homes–which in turn ultimately indelibly imprint our hearts and psyches with the latest fad in rhythms and beats, none of which differ from today’s hip-hop.  Most of the music I hear when tuned in to today’s Christian radio stations sounds JUST LIKE regular secular music.  I can’t stand certain of these newer sounds, so I change the station to the oldies station (yes, secular), or just shut the radio off altogether.

These newer Christian songs we hear today, while all good and well-meaning, nowhere near compare with the Truth and beauty of what lie within these wonderfully written, soul-stirring classic hymns.

These old hymns move one’s soul to the deepest of depths, stirring deep within us all that the Holy Spirit would have for us to soak in.  My heart–LITERALLY and UNEQUIVOCALLY–feels the love of our precious Lord Jesus drowning out every ounce of care in this wicked, fallen world.  Reminding me that He is forever and ever so near to me–living within me.

So moved am I.

My sweetest, dearest love hands me a tissue to capture my tears, as he embraces me everso tightly.  I find myself nowhere near able to control the flow of tears that cry to stream forth in His Glory.

I so enjoy these old hymns.

Precious Memories, indeed!