My Life’s a Beach!

I used to hate going to the beach~that is until my therapist recommended, or should I say “prescribed”, it to me. I was in an unusual place (where else . . . ?) in my life.  I was in an abusive relationship with a full-blown alcoholic who decided he was better off at home while I worked to support the two of us.  I struggled for years upon years upon years.  I lived in a confounded world.  My day-to-day brought me many a surpise.  The car broke down, and having no money to fix it, much less buy a new one, I went a solid five months without transportation.  Oh, I did have the bus . . . and how I remember crying that first morning I had to take the bus.  You see, it was so unlike taking the city buses I’d taken for several years while living and working in downtown Chicago.  These local buses here in south Florida didn’t run like your big city buses.  These came late.  There never seemed to be enough of them.  Suffice it to say, it was quite a struggle, but the good Lord saw me fit enough to reward me with a ride both to and from work each and every day for those five months, and I didn’t have to take the bus any longer.  Whew.  What a relief that was.

My “better” half sat home all the while and jammed to Pink Floyd, drinking himself into oblivion–without a care in the world.  Why should he worry? After all, the bills were paid, there was food in the fridge, and plenty of beer for him to suck down until I got home from work so I could drive his silly self  to the store for more.  I know, you–like the rest–think I should have left him.  Who would put up with that? ~ and girls like me always get the repetitive question we all hate to hear so much, “why don’t you just  leave” . . . much easier said than done, folks.  Years later I can honestly say this–wise counsel have brought this girl to a much better place.  Oh, and I’m here now ~ in that better place.  Loving it! . . . and can I tell you–loving it a ton!  I took my counselor up on her prescription for the beach, and what I used to hate doing, I now love, love, love.

Ah, the beach . . .

The beach brings me much peace and solace.  I don’t know where I’d be today if I hadn’t taken my much-needed prescription!

My life is definitely a beach–so much so that I am heading there right now!

Beach back soon!