Jesus LOVES You ~ Do You KNOW?

Jesus LOVES You ~ Do You KNOW?

by Julia Shalom Jordan


You could forget his birthday,

Use his name as a swear word,

Tarnish his reputation,

Use him when you need him,

Forget him when you don’t.

You could be embarrassed to be his friend,

Ignore his experience and wisdom.

Slam the door in his loving face.

Not have time for him but make time for everything else.

He could be the last thing on your mind at the end of a long day,

He probably is the first person you call when things don’t go right.

Who is this?


He loves you.

Unconditionally, undeservingly, unwaveringly loves YOU.

You don’t have to accept that love.

You can use it, abuse it, ignore it.

Because after all, it is unconditional.

That is the most durable kind, right?

You could.

But, what does that say about you?


Author: Julia Shalom Jordan

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